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PFL-890X Bevel edge satin hot cutting machine
PFL-890X Bevel edge satin hot cutting machine

  • PFL-890X

    Available tape width: 3~100mm                                

    Available Cutting Length: 1~999999mm

    Cutting Type: Hot knives & Angle cut

    Measurement: 75*60*104cm

Product Details


Automatic Full Computer Tape Cutting Machine 

Adopt 18 digital display,16 function key,11 light coupling input,4 cut-off protector,1 servo motor pulse output technology.

It is a kind of numerical control equipment.

1.Easy operation,it can cut automaticlly once set up the cutting length and quantity. 

2.Self protection function,it will stop automaticlly if the materials run out during the operation.

3.High speed,100-120 pcs per minute(50mm length for example)

4.High accuracy,the cutting length is accurate according to a stepping motor.

5.Hot cut knives,it can cut the tapes with heat sealing the tape edge,and the knive temperature can be adjustable.

6.Angle cut,it can cut angles from 0-180o

Apply for:

Widely used in clothing industry,luggage industry,various daily leisure products industry.


Available Tape Width:3~100mm
Available Cutting Length:1~999999mm
Tape Cutting Speed:50~100Pcs/Min
Cutting Tolerance: ≤0.5mm
Cutting Type: 0o- 180o angle cut
Cutting Shape:Rectangle,Parallelogram,Trapezoid
Temperature:Max 350 degree,Adjustable
Power Rated:500W
Power Supply: AC220V/110V 50/60Hz
Air Pressure:0.5kg/m2
Available Materials:Nylon tape,fabric tape,belt,webbing,satin and etc.
Features:Easy OperationHigh Speed,High Accuracy
Self protection & Memory Function
Angle cutting

Working video:

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